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Commitment Ceremonies

committment ceremony - celebrant in canberra Male/female and same sex couples wishing to publicly commit to each other, in the presence of their families and friends, can do so in a commitment ceremony.

The commitment ceremony has many of the components of the wedding ceremony.

There are promises, readings and ring exchange. However, the commitment ceremony does not have any legal component and there is no notice or waiting time required.

To discuss your ceremony needs please feel free to contact me.

I Promise

I promise
to share with you
in times of trouble, to talk
and to listen, to honor
and to appreciate you,
to provide for and support
you in trust and in love.
I promise
to share my hopes
and thoughts and dreams
with you. I will work with
you to build our lives
together. May we grow, our
lives forever intertwined,
our love bringing us closer.