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Naming Day Ceremonies

naming day - celebrant in canberra A name is the first gift of love we give our child.

Your child's naming day can be the most wonderful experience for you and your families and friends. A ceremony, to share the formal welcome to your community of family and friends and the bestowing of the name you have chosen for your precious angel.

A naming ceremony is a very special way to celebrate the birth of a baby.

This is also a special way to welcome an older child or an adopted child into the circle of family and friends.

A naming ceremony is a special time for the parents to declare their promise to be the best parent they can. It is also a time for friends and family to confirm their special relationship with your child.

Names are Little Labels

Names are little labels that
We paste upon a sea.
Are Jack and Jill and Pat and Bill
Really you and me?

You may be Ruth or Jennifer
Or Ghali or Ahmed,
But you are more, much more than any
Word that might be said.

You are the moon and stars, the Earth,
The Universe, and more.
You dance across eternities
And sail beyond all shores.

You have within you all that is
And that shall ever be.
And yet you also are, of course,
Reiko, Ralph, and Bree.

Nicholas Gordon

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