The Benefits of Using SilageWrap Net Wraps and Balers Twine

Producing round bales uses two different kinds of ropes: a SilageWrap net wrap and baling twine. While each product offers its distinct advantages, determining which is the better twine will depend on your personal preference. However, despite all the comparison, there’s no denying the fact that net wraps are more popular today than any other standard balers twine. However, the latter is still a versatile rope that can get the job done in the same manner. Get more information on both ropes when you continue reading.


Net Wraps Offer Faster Baling Process


While the baling twine is the more traditional material used for wrapping bales, net wraps are currently the most popular option. The reason is because of its convenience and effectiveness with wrapping and tying bales. With a net cover, you will only have to turn it three times to fully wrap a bale. Add the help of baling machines, and the time it will take to bale an entire batch of silage will only last for half a day, instead of the whole day.



On the other hand, baling twines require more effort and time for you to wrap all your silage. However, the upside is that it’s a lot cheaper. So, while both have the same goals, they are entirely different in approach and convenience. The SilageWrap net wrap focuses more on performance efficiency, while the baling twine is more on the economic benefits.


Both Significantly Reduce Baling Loss


If there’s any factor that both these baling products have in common, it’s reducing baling loss. Spoils are one of the most undesired things by most farmers. That’s why they need the most effective twine and cover to make sure they have the least amount of spoilage.  Fortunately, both the net wrap and balers twine can effectively wrap your round bales and ensure lesser waste or loss. While they may differ in material and quality, they do the same job at securing and protecting your silage for the entire duration of the storage process. Besides, you also get the chance to store your bales anywhere you want. Whether it’s inside the barn, or outdoors in the field, you will get the same results with both these twines.


Purchase One Now!


Both the SilageWrap Net wrap and balers twine offer excellent baling performance and have their own set of benefits and advantages. If you’ve chosen which product to go for, order them in our online store now!