How Weighted Blankets Help Calm Anxiety

Many people are concerned with how weighted blankets help calm anxiety. There are many reasons that this type of blanket can be very helpful, and none of them are about how heavy it is. Instead, the blanket is so thick it provides extra support for the body in several ways. The blanket may actually have a therapeutic effect on your muscles.

anxiety-blanketAnxiety and muscle tension go hand in hand. When you’re anxious, tense muscles can cause stiffness in other muscles as well. The combination of these two effects can create an endless cycle that feeds anxiety and pain into each other. Weighted blankets provide support in several ways.

First, the dense fabric of the anxiety-blanket presses the muscles of your body together. This creates a pressure point, which is actually beneficial because the body will start to relax in response to the pressure. The weight distribution of the blanket also helps to direct the weight to where it’s most beneficial. It pulls the weight to the centre of the body, relieving tightness in the shoulders and chest.

In addition to being able to direct the weight to where it’s needed, how anxiety-blanket can also provide therapeutic benefits. When your muscles become stiff they are less mobile. This results in a decreased range of motion, which makes it harder to get things done. Even simple activities become more difficult. The blanket pulls the weight evenly across your body, ensuring your joints are properly supported.

Sleep is incredibly important, and poor sleep can lead to complications such as memory loss, fatigue, and irritability. If you want to reap the benefits of how weighted blankets help calm anxiety, it is best to sleep without a blanket. It’s impossible for your mind or muscles to relax if you’re holding yourself up by the bed. By allowing yourself to float in air, or by using a specially designed pillow, you will find that your body is better able to relax and your thoughts can become more peaceful.

So how weighted blankets can help you calm anxiety? First, they will improve your sleep and second, they will improve your posture. By providing a firm, even surface for your spine to rest on, you will allow your muscles to relax. The result of this is that your body, and thus your mind, will become much more relaxed and calmer.