Top Tile Ideas for Safe Swimming Pools

Swimming is an enjoyable form of recreational activity that every family deserves. On the other hand, safety should come first before aesthetics. This is especially true if you have kids in the family. Even if your children know how to swim, you should still make sure that you use the appropriate Aurees tiles Adelaide in your swimming pool. Ensure your kids’ safety by preventing accidents.


One of the most important things to remember when building a swimming pool is the tiles. All tiled areas in and around the pool should be safe for everyone in the family, especially for kids and seniors. Statistics reveal that many residences have recorded swimming pool accidents because they chose the wrong tile sets. Avoid such incidents by consulting with your provider first and let them know about your lifestyle as well as the age brackets of your family members.

Here are some of the most recommend tile ideas that focus on safety and functionality.


  1. Stone Tiles

There are different types of stone Aurees tiles Adelaide that you can choose from, including granite, slate, limestone, and more. Many homeowners trust these tile types since they are slip-free and are known for durability.


  1. Porcelain

Depending on the level of smoothness you prefer, your provider can customise the porcelain tiles you order. There are tiles of this kind that are made to emulate stone and are slip-resistant. This will ensure that the tiles aren’t too smooth for your swimming pool. You can mix in some stone tiles if you want a more patterned design that will be great both for aesthetics and function. Experts installers can develop a plan that uses both porcelain and stone tiles.

  1. Vinyl

Vinyl tiles are standard in many households because they are more affordable compared to other tile types. They are also easier to maintain and can also be combined with other tiles. For example, you can have vinyl on each side of the pool while you can have your contractors install stone tiles on the flooring.


Now that we’re done with tiles, remember that there are other aspects of the swimming area you should consider. You should also make sure the railings around your pool are safe for everyone and installed tightly to avoid accidents. Even the surrounding areas in the pool should be elderly and kid-friendly.


Finally, always have safety devices ready. Even if everyone in your family knows how to swim, cramping can take place and could result in unwanted accidents. Floats should be accessible and close to the pool. Better yet, leave at least one float on the water at all times for added security.


Call a tile expert today so your pool tile project can be completed just in time for the next family get-together!