How to Clean Your Mesh Security Doors Adelaide?

Mesh security doors are strong and durable layers of protection for your home. However, just like any other doorway, they also need maintenance to function at their full potential. Cleaning security doors and screens are among the most common questions that we tend to get on our forum. However, one question that caught our attention is someone asking how to clean mesh security doors Adelaide. Cleaning aluminium security screen doors is still one of the most popular inquiries, and in this article, we’re finally answering that question. Continue reading now to find out how you can clean your mesh security door:


Keep in mind that since it’s a mesh door, security screen doors love to pick up dust with can significantly affect the air inside the home in a negative way. In addition, it also reduces airflow. That’s why it’s important to clean and maintain your mesh security door.


Essential Steps on Mesh Security Doors Adelaide Cleaning and Maintenance

If you clean your doors regularly, it will make it that much easier.


  1. First, use a cleaning glove or microfiber cloth.
  2. Dip it into a bucket of a mild detergent that’s mixed with water. We highly suggest car wash and wax since it provides long-term clean and protection.
  3. Once your cloth is soaked, gently dab and wipe it on your mesh screen to the side, and then up and down.
  4. Once you’re through, use another clean cloth soaked in freshwater. Again, just damp and wipe.
  5. Finally, dry it using a dry cloth.


That’s all there is to it! Cleaning your mesh security doors Adelaide is as easy as one-two-three! However, if you haven’t cleaned your mesh security door in a long time and it now has thick and hard-to-remove dirt, consider the following steps:


  1. Use a soft brush to remove carefully any loose dirt, dust and grit that can damage the surface when wiping.
  2. Use a microfiber cloth and bucket; fill the bucket with mild detergent. Again, we use car wash mixed with car wax and warm water.
  3. Gently wipe the mesh door up and down, and side to side. Rinse the cloth regularly to avoid getting grit into the door.
  4. Wipe the door using a clean cloth soaked in clean, cold water. Rinse the entire door using freshwater.
  5. Repeat steps three and four until your door is spotless.


For more tips and guides on how to clean your mesh security doors Adelaide, check out our blog page now! You can also check out our website for all the latest security screen doors for sale.