5 Do’s and Don’ts of Instagram Marketing/Management

Instagram is one of the most potent avenues for promoting your brand and making known throughout the land. You can create compelling images and short videos to create an experience for anyone visiting your business profile visually. But as with all social media marketing techniques, creating an authentic feed that grows continuously can also come with its set of rules, business-wise. In this post, we’ll be reviewing five do’s and don’ts of Instagram marketing/management. Hopefully, it can keep you on the path towards maximising your Instagram presence.




Post Consistently

Keep in mind that Instagram marketing and social media marketing, in general, is a commitment. That means you’ll need to be active at all times by posting relevant images at a consistent rate. Start at three posts a week and go up from there. Keep in mind not to do it too much or else your followers will get irritated with you frequently popping up on their feed.


Take Advantage of the Link in Your Bio

You can use the link in your bio to promote specific postings or even your landing page. Instagram gives you one link space; so make sure you use it to your advantage. When you have a new product, service, blog post, or even your landing page to promote, add your link in your bio and create posts with a call to action. That way, people will be enticed to click on the link in your biography. If you have an engaged audience, this can be an excellent way to generate more traffic.


Ask Questions for Maximum Engagement

Another Instagram marketing/management essential is asking questions. By that, we mean posting with a question, adding a question to your bio, or even personal messaging your followers with a question. Keep in mind that this isn’t any ordinary question. It should be enticing and relevant to what your business is all about and how it can help that person with his or her particular problem.





We’ve mentioned this one earlier. While posting regularly is essential; over-posting is an immediate foul. Keep in mind the golden rule of life; too much of anything is a bad thing. Apply that concept to your Instagram marketing/management strategy.


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