The Three Basic Types of Retaining Walls Gold Coast

There’s a good reason why retaining walls are super popular in both commercial and residential landscaping – a multitude of reasons. They enable adding beautiful organic stonework and hardscaping into the area, allowing you to transform your landscape into levels around central features such as gardens or flowerbeds. One of the most significant uses is their ability to salvage a yard by preventing erosion and managing the flow of rainwater. There are different kinds of retaining walls Gold Coast available. But for this article, we’re going to present the four basic variants and the amount of work that goes into each.


Gravity Retaining Wall

This model is considered as the most basic of retaining walls. Gravity retaining wall utilises sheer mass and weight to hold the soil at bay. Since it’s mostly about weight, this retaining wall allows for the broadest amount of variety when it comes to materials. Pavers, bricks and unmortared stone are only a few options available, with a dry-stacked stone being a very popular choice. While shorter retaining walls require no additional support, most will need at least a small trench-like system to be dug for the wall to fit into it, with some requiring a concrete footer to sit on.


Reinforced Retaining Wall

Also known as a reinforced retaining wall from steel bars that run through masonry or concrete retaining walls Gold Coast, the reinforced retaining wall makes use of a retaining wall affixed to a slab foundation that goes under the soil the wall is supporting in an “L-shaped” form. The earth will hold down the slab so that the wall cannot tip forward. This type of style is favoured in commercial retaining walls for its potency. Another variant of this retaining wall includes additional vertical wings to the foundation that provides extra rigidity and strength.


Anchored Retaining Wall

Finally, we have an anchored retaining wall. It allows for a variety of “fronts” of retaining walls to be supported by anchors driven into the earth behind them and attached by strips or cables. These anchors are usually operated using a mechanical device that’s dug into the ground with their ends extended using pressurised concrete. Click this link to know how to use this method to its fullest potential.



These are the three basic types of retaining walls Gold Coast. Get a full list of various types of retaining walls by accessing the PDF file on our website.