Proper Disposal of Your Plastic Silage Wrap

This article will give an idea of the options that are usually used for the disposal of plastic silage wraps. As of the moment, the disposal of silage wrap is a problematic issue that most Australian farmers are facing. Farmers can have little choice at present when considering what to do with used plastic wrap. Currently, the only viable options are burial or disposal in landfills at the local rubbish disposal sites. However, we made a list of other possible options that you can do to dispose of your silage wrap in a safer and controlled manner. With that said, here are some disposal options that you can take:


Regulated Landfill Sites

Let’s start with the conventional ways of disposing of silage wraps. Many farmers turn towards rubbish disposal centres to throw away their used plastic films. Most centres accept bulk plastic under sufferance but cannot continue to handle increasing quantities under current arrangements. There are likely fewer disposal sites in the future which accepts plastics. Fees on sites may be charged to reflect the cost of disposal. The government is also advocating to discourage people from throwing their plastics in landfills.


Burial on Farm

Another popular option as was mentioned earlier is burying the silage wrap on the ground instead. Apart from requiring heavy machinery to bury a large batch or silage film, it’s also less ideal since plastic doesn’t decompose. So unless you dig a very deep hole, which, again, requires a lot of equipment and machinery, this option is not going to pave well for you. Although we’re not disregarding it as a poor option. It’s instead a situational one.



One way of disposing used plastics at the farm is by burning it. A dramatic increase in the number of farmers is starting to opt for this method as it doesn’t require them to do much. After they burn their plastics, they collect what’s left of it and include it as trash to be thrown away in the local rubbish collection centre.




One of the best ways farmers can do with their used silage wrap is to recycle and reuse it. Not only giving a hand to the environment, but they’re also saving money since they can reuse their wraps instead of buying a new batch. They can also utilise used silage wraps to other applications such as covering their machinery and tractors or serve as an overhead sheltering system for their farm animals.


Of all the options for disposing of silage wrap, we highly recommend recycling instead. It’s better for the environment and more convenient for the farmers. You can look here for more options on how to throw away your plastic wrap.