Why Every Girl Should Start Wearing Espadrilles

Espadrilles are a kind of footwear which is increasingly gaining popularity these days because of the ideal combination of comfort and style. They are casual flats made from different materials, but most cotton and canvas fabric with rubber soles.

The most distinctive feature of the #1 Womens Espadrilles is its fibre rope wrapping the edges. Today, it is a fashion must-have for women, especially during the summer.

There now exists numerous variations in fabrics and styles for espadrilles. It is a popular option for women and men, especially when the situation calls for you to wear a comfortable and light shoe. One thing that makes espadrilles stand out is that it complements with just about any casual outfits.

Do not hesitate to buy espadrilles because every girl must have it, and here’s a bunch of reasons:


1 – It gives your feet the ultimate comfort.


Espadrilles for women are remarkably comfortable shoes with a premium design. It is footwear which showcases fashion and comfort at the same time. You get to pick from an extensive array of espadrilles for women from popular brands and designers, most of which are available online and in local clothing stores.

Versatility is another trait you should appreciate from a pair of espadrilles. The sole could be a platform, flat shaped, or wedge. You are sure to feel utmost comfort when wearing it, plus you can conveniently pair it with your favourite dress, jeans, or even shorts.


2 – Espadrilles are eco-friendly shoes.


Wearing espadrilles means you have a positive impact when it comes to environmental preservation. #1 Womens Espadrilles are made from natural materials; it is very eco-friendly. The manufacturing process of espadrilles does not use harsh and dangerous chemicals which may be detrimental to the environment.

The raw materials used for making espadrilles such as cotton, rubber, and jute come from plants. Jute is a vegetable fibre with no toxic chemicals and is entirely biodegradable. Meanwhile, the rubber keeps the espadrilles waterproof while also ensuring durability.


3 – Espadrilles do not make your feet sweat and create odour.


Your footwear is prone to producing moisture and heat. If you hate wearing socks, there is nothing that will get rid of that moisture. Meanwhile, the downside of using a foot powder to prevent sweating is that it leaves the interior of the shoes with a lot of moisture, causing damage to the material. But if you wear espadrilles, you don’t worry about your feet sweating even for an entire day of wearing it. The use of jute in making the shoes allows the free flow of air, giving your feet that much-needed room to breathe

Wearing espadrilles is something you should consider right now. It is not like you are sacrificing something because aside from the ultimate comfort, you also look stylish in them.